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Born on the first day of autumn 1988, under the sign of Libra (cusp with Virgo), surrounded by the sea of southern Italy, shaded by a scorching sun and swept by violent winds, but also by a southern mentality that is hard to bear, Marianna packed her bags very early and went far away to find her future.


After trying many things without much result, Marianna met the hula hoop and has not given it up for 17 years. They will probably grow old together.

She studied at the circus school "FLIC" in Italy in 2008/2010 and then at the circus school "LE LIDO" in France in 2010/2012.

After starting this activity just for fun, she now works and earns her rent (for about 11 years) with her own style, where the simple hula hoop ride is sometimes forgotten in the corner of her brain.


She has worked for several companies such as Gandini, Gynoides, La Barque Acide, Cie Nadere Art Vivants.

Actually she is in creation with Martin Zimmerman and with Cie d'Elles..

She works in different festivals or cabarets such as GOP, Flic Flac etc etc with one comic and one poetic act (to maintain her existential dualism).

She has participated in TV shows although she is not proud of it, but she has done it too and learned.

She discovered that she has a natural talent in helping others develop artistic and emotional sides so she works as a teacher, art director and art coaching.

She is currently working in two projects designed by her: the first a solo "MOTHER.WOMAN.ARTIST," and the second with CIE AVEC MOI with the creation project "HOOPX8" a collective of 8 hoopers.


Of recently she is an active member of the LES TENACES collective and participates in a European project called HAND TO HAND.


What else to say? Besides being an artist she is a woman and a mother. The best challenge in life can be all this at the same time.

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